Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dear Sarah: You won't go away so neither will I.

Dear Sarah:

I'm very sad that you've forced me to recommence writing these posts but you just can't go away, can ya?

I'm watching your speech at the Tea Party convention and am quite literally nauseated. You're full of digs towards our president and smug bullshit about the Massachusetts election. You chastise others for using a teleprompter, and yet you have notes written on your hand.

You are power hungry and it is palatable. It is clear from the moment you walk onto the stage to the cheers of the poor "regular" folks who you rally. You speak of revolution yet you represent big business and the oppression of a woman's right to choose. You call on God and Patriotism and twist the words of the founding fathers, pandering to the crowd. You couldn't wield power with the Republican Party and so now you are lending your special brand of crazy to the Tea Party Nation in a desperate attempt to keep yourself in the spotlight.

I see you might be up for a little race in 2010, according to your cronies at Faux News.

Bring it on Sarah.

We the people, the people that do not mock the idea of hope and change, that realize progress takes time, that believe diplomacy is not something tackled with weapons and armies but with discussion, that understand that climate change is real, and that health care for all is worth some sacrifice, we are ready for you. We are ready for your rabble-rousing rhetoric, for your smirking asides, and false patriotism that supports only those ideals which YOU support.

Bring it on because we are ready to take you down for once and for all.