Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why do I hate thee, Sarah Palin.

Dear Sarah,

Just a week ago, I was blissfully unaware of your existence, and today, today I can not stop thinking about you, reading about you, talking about you. Your very voice is ringing in my head.

Hate is a strong word. My mother taught me that. I reserve it for the things I truly cannot stand, much like that girl-crime-of-a-word that begins with a "c". Most things in life do not deserve such negative energy.

But you, Sarah Palin, are one of the exceptions.

You see, even though I live in a big city, I grew up in a small town. My dad worked three jobs while my sister and I were growing up and he is one of the hardest working, honest men I know. My mother worked at odds and ends while raising two busy girls. They scraped by and tried to give us as many opportunities as they could, instilling us with a salt-of-the-earth work ethic and encouraged by the belief that if we studied hard many opportunities would come our way. My family is a working family...a blue collar family...the sort of family that you've been dug up from obscurity to appeal to.

Last night you said, "We grow good people in our small towns, with honesty, sincerity, and dignity."

You may have come from a small town Sarah, but you are neither honest nor sincere. Nor did your catty, snide attacks on your opponents bring any dignity to this race.

You are not good people. And your very presence in this race is condescending to those very people. For you and your party aim, yet again, to appeal to "everyman" for the purpose solely of capturing the election. We saw it with George W. Bush and his cowboy hats, and this time round McCain - married to an heiress, unable to recollect how many homes he owns - could hardly do the trick. You exist to convince the families like mine that there could be one of their own in the White House with their interests at heart, while in reality you stand for a party whose interests lie with big business and the wealthy.

The good people deserve way better than you Sarah, way fucking better.


i dislike you, sarah palin said...

Word, sistah. WORD.

Anonymous said...

OMG, what a bunch of unhappy angry ignorant losers are you people!

I hope that Sarah's revenge partly lies in the fact that after so much personal attacks and the constant whining from all these ignorant liberals, this administration is proving how much of a screw up, our great President is!

Of course, they will surely use the excuse that my kids used when they were 5 years old..."I didn't do was like that when I got here"....!

Sadly, I really believe that he did have good intentions, but he has surrounded himself with angry, hatefull people. All his friends and croonies will be his downfall, and we are just waiting...because they are digging a deep grave, and their wounds will be deep. (Smug smile)

But, when "we the people" take over we will still try to improve everyones lives, not just the ones that supported our views. After all, that's what America is about right? Oh no, wait I forgot, it's not...according to you it's about demanding what you haven't had the balls to work for, and expecting the government to make all the hard decisions for you, because apparently you don't have the brains to so so by your own.

Still, I wouldn't say hateful things against Obama, or any of his croonies, because I am not afraid of any of them.