Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Letter from a Hater:
Bgirl Calls for Help From the Big O

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Dear Girl Friday,

I love your blog cause I too hate Sarah Palin. When McCain chose her to be his running mate I was actually excited. The more I heard about her positions on issues and how conservative they were I was sure the people who were floating someplace in the middle would come back to Obama. THEN I started hearing about her personal controversies and scandals and thought for sure McCain did us a favor by choosing her. I think there are infact, many people who were disappointed that Hillary did not win and thinking of voting McCain who are not solidly in Obama's camp. But now my biggest nightmare has been realized. There are masses of women who RESPECT Ms. Palin.

A hockey mom with a 17 year old, pregnant daughter who is headed to the alter rather than college??!! Is she really what American women aspire to be like? Someone who uses her power to ban books in libraries, limit choice of girls like her daughter, and wield her power to have people fired because they cross her? All because she wears 'cute' glasses and has 'nice' hair?! Please! I try to give women credit and fight those who like to pigeon hole us as not smart or strong enough to lead a business let alone a country. But blindly falling for her one liners without really listening to what she is saying is more than i can take.

Obama has enlisted Hillary to campaign, to light the fire she once inspired in people. Unfortunately I think the people Hillary reaches (for the most part) know they need to support the party. There is one goldmine left untapped... OPRAH. So attached is my letter to Oprah.

Dear Oprah,
I am writing to you today to enlist your help. Using all my energy not to beg, but it is close. You have such a strong voice among American women. You have their attention, and have gained their trust. You take care with issues, you open people's eyes to things as small as reading more. Now it's time to open their eyes to the issues at hand.

To the things the Republican party has done a good job of sweeping past these women in a blur. She's pretty, she's fit, she's fun, she's vocal but she's going to strip many of our women of liberties they currently take for granted. It is time women put down the weekly tabloid magazine and start reading the real news. Reading the real facts.

Oprah, you got them to read Anna Karenina surely you can convince them to read a newspaper or tune into Meet the Press to really HEAR these people discuss the issues. Not listen to their neighbors reiterate something they heard around the water cooler. If they listen, really listen to the issues and still choose to support McCain/Palin then I will accept that. But what i am seeing is much different and completely disappointing. Blind faith in an election year is frightening.

Would a mother hire a babysitter for their children without looking into her background? So why elect a President of our country, of our children, without the same attention to detail?

Just a little more reading, that's all we need the women of America to do. I have a feeling the rest will fall into place.

Holding out hope.


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