Monday, July 19, 2010

Hate Mail

I get more email than I suspected I might for this site, especially given that I don't really promote it much. Mostly your mail is in general agreement and support of my feelings towards "Mama Grizzly" but sometimes I get some dissenting mail and I've decided to post some of these (with out full names of course) and chat through the hate mail. This is unedited except for the removal of the hater name.

K writes:

To hate someone for not seeing the world as you do shows how small and insignificant you really are.

Isn't it funny how far left people such as yourself claim to come from a position of change and tolerance and openness, yet all the hatred comes directly from people like you. Heck it is even in the name of your pathetic website.

I feel sorry for you.

Dear K,

Your generalization of why I hate Sarah Palin simply shows that you haven't read my first blog. There's a lot of people I don't agree with on a lot of issues that I don't hate. I don't even hate you K, despite your name-calling. If you had read my first blog, you might have gotten that one of my main issues with Sarah Palin is how she spreads her poison through "folksy" talk, pretending to stand up for the little guy, when in fact, she represents the interests of Corporate America. She is a crafty hypocrite, interested in mostly in manipulating our country to benefit her all-consuming quest for power.

She is generally uninformed on the topics she chooses to stick her nose in and relies on sound bytes without substance full of sarcastic and hateful speech to fire up the mass. I am not far left or a socialist. I'm not sure that my more left friends would even call me progressive although I like to think that I am. But that doesn't matter to you really - I must be far-left, liberal elite for "picking on" your dear Sarah Palin.

I guess if I and everyone else who hates Ms. Palin really were small and insignificant, you wouldn't have bothered writing. Thanks for your empathy, but rest assured, you don't have to feel sorry for me - I do this for the love of it.

Girl Friday

PS - You might not want to send hate email from your work email address. Lucky for you, I'm not really as full of hate as you think, otherwise I might have signed you up for a bunch of unsavory spam.