Monday, September 15, 2008

Did the New York Times grow a pair?!

Dear Sarah,

Don't cry unfair now, but the New York Times has a most excellent article that helps shine a light on the way you do business.

Remember all that that you said...what was it...something about small towns growing good people who are honest and sincere?

Hmmm. Maybe it should have said more about surrounding yourself with your high school friends, firing people who disagree with you and burying official business by sending it through your "personal" email account.

I guess I must be "bad people who are anti-Alaska."

Congratulations to the New York Times for growing a pair. Or maybe they went ahead and borrowed Hillary's like SNL suggested.

Get ready Sarah, I have a small hope that this is just the beginning.


For all you haters, this is a must read:

Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends and Lashed Foes

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