Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear Sarah: You Failed

President Obama said “We may not be able to stop all evil in the world, but I know that how we treat one another is entirely up to us.”

Listening to the great words of our President tamed the tone in which I write this post, even if my words may come with a tinge of hypocrisy given the name of this site. But having absorbed the events of the last few days, listening and, at times, participating in the rhetoric surrounding this tragedy, I am going to express what I feel in a respectful manner.

Dear Sarah -

There are so many things I could spit out here, for the sake of venting for myself, for others I know may be feeling the same feelings after listening to your comments on the horrific events in Arizona.

So what I will say is that THIS is not about you.

It is not about your bruised ego, or your political dreams. It is not about freedom of speech, of the pundits creation of a "blood libel" against you. It is not about vigorous and spirited debate, nor public discourse, nor whether or not there are people attempting to muzzle public debate. It is not about whether or not the rifle-marks sparked action for this young man - the line is not so straight.

It is about the American people, together, rising above the insane act of a disturbed young man.

It is about recognizing the terrible loss for the families of the dead, the community, the state of Arizona and our nation.

It is about us collectively opening our eyes and realizing that the rhetoric has grown to be a monster of its own life, on both sides of the political divide.

Today was an opportunity for you to rise above. To not lash out in defense of your actions and your tone, but to contribute to a rational way forward. To use the voice and influence that you wield to encourage unity, sanity, and healing.

But you failed.

Instead, your pride insisted that you go out swinging in defense of the heated debate, implying that it is all a healthy part of democracy. You put your need to defend yourself over what the nation needs. Your bristling anger was apparent through your calm, smug smiles.

If the likes of you and Glenn Beck continue on this path, and we on the left fight fire with fire, I fear for what we will become.

-Girl Friday

"America's Enduring Strength - Sarah Palin


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin shows her ignorance everytime she opens her mouth. Too uncaring and narcisstic for this country. She would probably quit the presidency in the middle of her term. Sarah thinking of the political area is scarey. It's all about Sarah, not the people for which this nation was founded on.She couldn't be graceful at this time in our country.

James Spurgeon said...

So Saturday you blame the shootings on Sarah Palin, for no logical reason that I can see, and then the following Wednesday you respectfully reprimand her for making this shooting about herself--on a blog entitled "I Hate You Sarah Palin"?

Are you always this, um, entertaining?

Girl Friday said...

Anonymous, grace is not part of Sarah's repertoire.

James - way to exaggerate (again)! I didn't blame Sarah Palin for the shootings, however I did say that her language she chooses for her political efforts is completely inappropriate. Imagine if a Muslim or Mexican had a similar graphic out in the world!

The incendiary language of the likes of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck have contributed to the elevated tone of politics in this country. We have created an environment where our elected officials have to be concerned with folks carry guns to political events and when we have vernacular out there using terms like "reload" and graphics with rifle sights - do you seriously think it has no consequences?

Are you always this, um, nieve?