Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sarah Palin passively-agressively calls our President "un-American"

First off, the fact that there was a tea party rally in the formerly-great (aka pre-the election of Scott Brown) is gross, just gross.

My mom called and said "my buddy" was yacking on the Boston Common today. Huffington Post kindly condensed her 20 minute speech into a 3 minute highlight reel that contains such gems as:

"Do you love your freedom?!!!?"
"...stealing opportunity in this land of opportunity..."
"I'm not calling anyone un-American" (ps - yes you are)
"Just because we can does not mean you should"
"When they say 'yes we can', we're all going to say 'oh no you don't'"

Okay. Can't watch the whole thing a 2nd time if you want more classic Sarah Palin rhetorical awesomeness, watch the video for yourself below.

If you watch this on a laptop, try not to throw your computer across the room.

I especially love the closing line by whoever the Teabagger jackass that thanked her. Even if Sarah Palin isn't offended, I'm offended for her.

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Anonymous said...

Just stumbled onto your site tonight. I never thought I would find anyone who detested her as much as I did. Keep up the good work! You're saved on my favorites.