Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dear Sarah: You Can Take It!

Dear Sarah -

We are less than an hour away of your very first Vice Presidential debate. My day has been full of speculation over how this will go. I'm listening to the pundits on CNN yack about how everyone's been underestimating you along the way. Again, that's you're folksie, and likable, and "come a long way".

Now they speak about how Biden has to be careful, because this is different.

I'm tired of worrying about how he's going to treat you, how people are going to take it if he gets tough, that he could be seen as a bear.

This is all fucking bullshit.

If you are woman enough to run for vice president, not to mention give birth 5 times, you can take whatever Biden has to give out.

I really hope that Biden does not hold back. I hope he calls you on every gaff, shows just how incapable you are of leading this country, and scores some points against on your ever-more creepy running mate (PS - where's the real John McCain? I am certain that he wasn't always such a snide, smarmy fucker). I hope that he shows the world the difference between the sort of person that should be 2nd in Command and who should go back to the woods.

No walking on egg shells. No pussy footing. Because you know what? That would be sexist!!

And Sarah? Leave the crib notes at home and be yourself for once, hmm?

-girl friday

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