Thursday, October 2, 2008

Letter from a Hater: I'm concerned.

Sent at 2:22am, Oct 1.

I'm concerned. Watching her couric and gibson interviews, I think what has happened is essentially she has too much information fed to her about too many things, and the interview process is more of a "quiz show" format, like answer these things.

If she feels her audience is the american public and not the hoity toity intelligentsia asking her the questions, then I think she can relax and feed a line of bullshit more carefully. And now that her expectations are so low, I am afraid that her just showing up will be considered a "win."

My main reason for saying all of this is this video of her gubernatorial debate.

She has a pretty good grasp of Alaskan issues, but much more importantly, she's easy to connect with at a gut level (if you're not a hunky young asian man, but you know, a walmart mom).

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