Thursday, October 2, 2008

Screw "relatable" - give me a miracle.

Dear Sarah -

All over, I hear talk about how "relatable" you are to the people of this country. That they can see a little bit of themselves in you. In your "normal", "small town" life - just a hockey mom doing her thing. In the way you are all "folksie" in your g-droppin, smile-full charm.

It makes my ears and eyes bleed, because I personally do NOT want President or Vice President to be run-of-the-mill-ordinary-folk. I want them to be exceptional.

In a time where our reputation in the world couldn't be worse, our economy is in ruin and so many people I talk to have little faith in our ability to make it right, I want a president and vice president to invoke awe.

I am a pretty smart girl, but I want leaders that are way smarter than I am, that blow my mind with their intelligence and knowledge. People that are brilliant. Insightful. Thoughtful. Articulate. Candidates that can inspire people to action. That have DEEP understanding of the issues at hand. A President and Vice President I can trust to change the crash course that our country is on.

What we need is nothing short of a miracle. And all partisan bias aside - you, dear Sarah, have no business being anywhere near this ticket.

If you really want to put America first, stop going for the glory and go back to Alaska.


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